• contemporary offering of an ancient practice
  • mastering yourself
  • Change comes from within

The Way: a contemporary offering of an ancient practice, mastered, refined and cultivated for thousands of years expanding, energizing and synchronizing through tradition, ritual and gratitude.

The truth is only what you believe. The Way works on your unconscious and bridging the gap between your unconscious and conscious, empowering you to a level of awareness you haven't yet experienced. People's inability to understand that their emotions don't control them, when in reality, they control their emotions. The Way is the starting point for you, giving you the ability to be empowered, to be the Master, Keeper, Creator of your experiences.

Our Ebook

Tao Te Ching, Magical Register By: San Qing

Looking back on human history, we reflect on a timeline that shows the true origins of the Taoist path and belief system. Steeped in the ancient scripture, that is revealed through the incantations, present themselves as the 81 verses of the Tao Te Ching. Recognized to all Taoists as the Diamond, each facet reveals the gateway to the Mother, the Tao. It presents itself in every letter, every word, embodied with the visceral, permeable experience that is generated as you speak audibly, inaudibly. I welcome you on a journey, revealing the true nature of reality through the lens of a Taoist, perfection manifest. The Origin of Tao is the conscious explorers' understanding to return, is to remember; to remember is to feel; to feel is to reveal the knowing, the Mother of all things, The Tao. Through Lao Tzu's own words, his direct whispers of the Universe are the words that create the foundation we know as the Tao Te Ching, Magical Register. The Invitation is open, start walking your path and embody the secret gateway to reveal the symbiotic relationship with the Mother, the Creator, the Tao.

Our Ebook

The Ancient Practice of Synchronicity

The mystery of the relationship between the human being and the Universe, is one that has been discovered and translated through ancient text and scriptures throughout history. Giving us a path of understanding in faith and belief system, describing the synchronicity between the two. In this How To book we layout, ancient Taoist practices and tools which parallel the modern language of quantum physics, giving the reader an all encompassing understanding of how they are integrated into the Universe, with the realization that All is One, One is All. Using an in-depth understanding of neurology and ancient Taoist practices that everything is a thought, feeling and emotion, we identify how human beings can raise their consciousness. Through the understanding and application of these mechanisms, you become aware of the fact that you are the Universe. This manual gives you a step by step guide to vibrate at a frequency that is equal to the alignment of the Universe. Thus taking your dreams created from a thought, emotion and feeling and turning them into your manifestation. Become the Master, Keeper, Creator of your Reality.

Our App Features

The three Taoist pillars to
elevating your consciousness

126 experience

Is the spiritual exploration of your conscious and unconscious process.


System action plan of your mental and emotional state through temperature, nutrition and timing.


Is the internal alchemy through movement, amplifying your energetic field.

About Our App

The 126 experience

  • The 126 experience is the first tier of a 9 tier training in the exploration and development of the user's pure consciousness.
  • Using the fundamentals of quantum physics, epigenetics, nei-gong, qigong and also an integration of proprietary training systems, the 126 experience in definition is a contemporary offering of an ancient practice.
  • The user will consume the material visually and audibly activating a kinesthetic response which develops new synapsis in the brain.
  • Through daily practice, the user acquires a learnt skill, through their senses, that is continuously built on itself.

The Way available now

The Way's sole purpose is to empower you to acquire a greater sense of awareness. Through these practices, you will discover your true abilities, potential and the limitlessness of your true self. There is nothing more empowering than consciousness, awareness and focus realizing that you are the Master, Keeper, Creator of your reality.