The 126 experience is the first tier of a 9 tier training in the exploration and development of the user's pure consciousness. Using the fundamentals of quantum physics, epigenetics, nei-gong, qigong and also an integration of proprietary training systems, the 126 experience in definition is a contemporary offering of an ancient practice. the user will consume the material visually and audibly, activating a kinesthetic response which develops new synapsis in the brain. Through daily practice, the user acquires a learnt skill, through their senses, that is continuously built on itself.

The 126 experience can be accessed by the user subscribing under The Way tab. The user must be subscribed to begin their journey of Universe Attunement Tier 1 and continue to unlock each week thereafter. A subscription page will also be located after each Home Screen video of Origins, Foundations, Longevity and Supple.

There are 9 tiers in The Way app and each tier consists of 9 weeks. Each week is specifically designed to enhance the users consciousness with the visual and audible material of that week, evoking a kinesthetic response.

Optimally working with the users circadian rhythm and sleep cycle, first thing in the morning will maximize the user's brain waves and chemistry response. The user should be in a comfortable, safe space where they are away from operating machinery, driving a vehicle or anything else that may distract from immersing themselves in their 126 experience.

Yes, this is the optimal device to maximize the sound and visual experience.

Through the design of the app, which specifically works through the senses of the user, evoking a brain wave and electromagnetic response, it is necessary to slowly and progressively, activate the energetic field of the user. Through the systems within these ancient tools, imagine when you exercise, you have a starting point and you work towards a goal, such as body fat loss, strength training or performance. Using this analogy, understand that the development of your energetic anatomy is also a progressive, learned skill. Through the formula of the 126 Experience, it guides the user from beginning to end, learning a skill as the user increases their exposure to the material. In essence, you must walk before you run.

As the masters and students before you were exposed to these ancient practices, the hidden secret to developing these skills is that, it maintains itself from the point of where you stopped. You will resume your skill building and development when you return to the practice. How funny is it that these developed skills from thousands of years ago, are contemporary in their offering with the depth and understanding of the nervous system and development of neuroscience, today.

Due to the design of a human being, primitive in its nature, we bring our attention to the information, energy highways of the human body, welcome the nervous system. If you're human on a physiological level and you're not an alien, you will have a standard Vagus Nerve running through your body. In essence, any human being who exposes themselves to the material of The Way and applies the practices within the app, will develop a skill to change their state.

Yes, this will help prime you with a more in depth understanding of the fundamentals of how The Way opens your consciousness.

Expansion videos are added to the users skills and development through the additional material. All expansion videos will enhance the users experience by adding more ancient tools to their daily practice.